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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Gallery Diamond Stud Earrings

Dare to compare… at least once a day a client tells us that our NATURAL diamond stud earrings are the best value in Winnipeg… even compared online!

Average quality in town and online

These diamonds often look ‘salty’ with heavy tints of yellow or grey

Better Value

Diamond Gallery

Natural Bright Series

Certified Quality

Promotion Pricing

Best Value

Diamond Gallery

Natural BRIGHTEST Series 

Certified Quality

Promotion Pricing 

.06ct. $219 n/a $179
.10ct. $279 n/a $259
.15ct. $389 n/a $369
.20ct. $499 n/a $499
.25ct. $609 n/a $599
.33ct. $839 n/a $859
.40ct. $1099 $739 $1259
.50ct. $1539 $999 $1599
.60ct. $1759 $1459 $2125


$2199 $1749




please see in store for larger sizes

Forget diamond grading comparisons on stud earrings, our market research indicates that 90% of market quality gradings on them are inflated. The best way to compare is to critique the diamonds in natural sunlight. If they do not ‘sizzle,’ consider them ‘market quality.’ Prices subject to change.