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A comprehensive jewellery appraisal program has been developed to provide the consumer with a standardized, ethical and professional means to accurately evaluate their jewellery.

Allan Malbranck is the first of nine Certified Appraisal Professionals in Western Canada (search appraisers listed under the Canadian Jewellers Association)




It was widely believed that if a person was trained as a gemmologist, he or she is also qualified as an appraiser. Gemmology involves only the identification of gems and is based on scientifically analysed, factual information. Competency in gemmology is acquired through formal training from institutes such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Since there is no governing body to ensure ethics and integrity of gemmologists, reports are sometimes inaccurate, mostly due to inflated claims of quality and/or values. Diamond Gallery appraisals ensure disclosure and transparency with the highest level of ethics and credentials in our industry.

As GIA trained gemologist we provide a complimentary while you wait no obligation consultation.

Regular appraisal services start from $65

Diamond Gallery appraisal updates: $29-49

Appraisal updates (can often be done while you wait)

We only appraise items over 4 years old as it is a conflict of interest.

All appraisals are done on-site.